We didn't like our EHR options. So we built our own.

Created and designed by the providers who use it every day.

When I started using DocNow, I was able to cut down my charting time by close to 10 hours per week using dot phrases, templates, and data integration. Not only has it made my work flow easier but it has allowed me to spend more time with my patients while at work and my loved ones while at home.

Dr. Matthew Cowling, DO

Yesterday I completed notes in less than 2 hours, what used to take me a day or so. Now I don't know what to do with my extra time!

Mayra Alfonso, MD

For a five consult, 20 patient day, it saves me 30 to 40 minutes at least. No face sheets to scan and not typing every ICD10 code is the real winner!

Tamara E. Jackson, MBA, PA-C, MMSc

I no longer have to feel like both a scribe and a clinician. It has improved the quality of care I can give, because I spend more time seeing patients and less time charting.


Find out how DocNow can optimize your entire workflow.

The future of EHRs starts NOW. Improve your practice with a system designed just for you.

Single providers

Keep track of your documents, billing details, and patient charts within a single, customizable platform.

Multi-specialty medical practices

The EHR that physicians and administrators can agree on. Lighten their administrative burden, boost charting accuracy, and generate helpful data to run your practice better.

Post-acute care facilities

Cut down on administrative time and boost reimbursement speed with a system built to optimize billing and coding in your unique Patient Driven Payment Model

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DoctorNow is focused on solving healthcare problems by combining Machine Based Learning, AI, Robot Process Automation (RPA), Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and our patent-pending human in the loop system that enables technology to be used where it has the maximum impact on the overall workflow and business. Some key areas include automating document management flow, patient health record management, end-to-end dictation to note workflow, and scalable cloud-native architecture for enabling best of breed infrastructure and services. The DoctorNow platform can be deployed on any public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premise.

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